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Services & Benefits From The MES Family

Delivering powerful solutions for your business

Product Database

This is a vehicle-specific parts lookup tool for multiple categories.  At present, radio replacement, remote start, headlight replacement and more are covered.  More categories are under development and more vehicles are being added regularly.  Get more information in one place than you can by searching each category separately and don't miss out on add-on sales.


Customer Review Funnel

​Every store needs reviews to build trust with today’s shoppers.  The trick is how to do that in a way that won’t rub Google the wrong way.  We’ve got the solution and it’s easy to use.  If the customer had a less than great experience, they are directed back to store management for resolution and if they had a great experience, they are sent directly to the review site. Win/win!  Repeat customers spend more and new customers become repeat customers.

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​The core of the MES Family is composed of some very experienced retailers that have worked hard to develop winning business practices.  We are here to share what we’ve learned, in order to reduce the learning curve for other independent retailers.  No matter the challenges that you are currently experiencing, there’s a good chance that one or more of us has gone down that rabbit hole and found a way to come out winning. 

Perks & Discounts

The MES Family has teamed up with some amazing partners to offer not only you, your business but also your family all kinds of savings from vacations, rental cars and laptops. We are always adding more great discounted memberships for all of our MES Family members. So far we have over $15,000 in savings for you. 

Showroom Displays

MES Family has partnered with AudioStak to offer display fixtures and packages at exclusive members-only pricing.  These displays are proven winners that will up your merchandising game in a big way.  You can't expect different results if you keep doing what you've always done.  It's time to show off your products in a way that your customers can't ignore.


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Certification Testing
Coming Soon

MES Family will be offering certification testing for technicians very soon. Show off your amazing skills and pass our tests and get rewarded with a MES Certification plague and VIP status. In the future we will also be having certification for sales and business owners.  


Graphics Database

We have produced numerous advertising graphics for in-store and online use.  These graphics can be tailored to individual stores, with the use of their logo and company colors.  This will allow independent retailers to polish their presentation without all the time and expense of commissioning their own graphics.  Bring some splash to your store without diving into a big project.


Content For Newsletters

Creating new content for your email list and social channels doesn’t have to mean hiring a copywriter or hoping that your sales staff can compose something you’ll be proud of.  Keeping customer attention is the name of the game and we’ve got you covered.  Our creative team has a growing library of ready-to-deploy content to keep your store top of mind with your current and future customers.


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Dealer Locator
Coming Soon

​Visibility online is more important everyday, especially in the COVID-19 era.  Customers are using their mobile devices to either begin or complete their shopping journey and if they can’t find you… you won’t capture the sale.  MES Family is using our collective resources to create a members-only dealer hub to help you rise above your competition in the search results and get in front of more customers.

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