Your Most Important Brand

Updated: Mar 20

Building your Brand

What is your most important brand? It's not any of the products you sell - your most important brand is YOU and Your Store! It's more than just a logo or tagline. Your brand is how customers feel about your business, and how they describe it to their friends. Building your brand is a process that takes time, but the payoff is loyal customers, word of mouth referrals, and a steady increase in sales.

It all starts with making a plan. You wouldn't try to assemble a piece of furniture without reading the instructions first, right? Ok, bad example! The key ingredient to successful brand building is consistency, and that requires making a plan and sticking to it. Figure out what sets you apart, define your brand identity, and promote a consistent image and message to build brand awareness.

Define Your Brand Identity

Start with a mission statement. Why do you do what you do? What do you promise your customers can expect from you? Your experience and passion led you to start your own business. Share that with your customers! It's about emotion, not products. People will buy from you when they believe in you and what you're doing.

Identify your target customer. Who are they and what appeals to them? How can you stand out from the crowd? Think about what makes you different. What value do you provide that others don't? How is the experience of doing business with you different?

If you don't have a logo, get one. Hire someone to design one, use fiverr, or create your own. Come up with a tagline or slogan. Pick colors and fonts and use them consistently. What's your brand's image and attitude? Friendly and fun, or professional and serious? Innovative and cutting edge, or established and reliable? Are you modern and high tech, or classic and traditional?

Build Brand Awareness

Now that you've crafted your brand image it's time to promote it.

There should be no doubt who's store they're in when customers walk through your doors. Your logo and colors should be presented everywhere throughout your store from signage to business cards. At AudioStak, we offer our customers the option of branding the displays and sales counters we build for them with custom graphics with their logo.

The key to building brand awareness is to always be consistent with the use of your logo, colors, image and attitude. Try to be consistent with everything right down to the choice of font.

Make sure you have a website and social media marketing plan. The goal is to build recognition and trust. If you don't have the time to update your social media, or the expertise in SEO to manage your website, hire someone!

Build Your Reputation

Promises only matter if you keep them. Now that people know about your brand and you've built a customer base, your good reputation is what will allow your business to continue to grow. Quality and customer service are important parts of your brand image.

Long Term Success

Branding is absolutely critical to the long term success of your business. It's more than just a logo - it's the entire experience you provide your customers.

A well thought out and executed branding strategy will promote recognition and make a memorable impression. It represents you and your promise to your customers so they know what to expect. It draws in new customers and generates referrals. A well established brand image and mission statement will provide focus for you and your staff, and create pride and satisfaction. Most importantly, great branding will help ensure that your business is successful for years to come.

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