Why Rocker Switches Don't Rock.

Car Audio Display Switching

An interactive display is a tool to help you sell, and its purpose is to make YOU money. This may sound obvious but there are many common ways stores can lose focus on this simple goal.

In a recent presentation by Tony Dehnke, founder of the 12v.biz Toolbox, the first recommendation he had for owners auditing their own store was to make sure their displays are working. What does 'working' mean? A working display allows customers to effortlessly explore and experience what you're selling, and convinces them to buy it from YOU. An interactive display has three parts: the cabinet, the products,... and the switching. Switching is what makes your display 'interactive'. Good switching is what makes your displays 'work'.

A store full of interactive displays requires you to invest money, time if you build them yourself, and valuable space on your sales floor. It's an investment made by virtually all top retailers, so why do they do it? Because the right mix of interactive displays can transform your sales floor into a money making machine that also helps boost your store image and build your brand.

The 'WOW' Factor

A centralized electronic control panel on your display is sure to impress, but is it the best choice to maximize sales? Time spent with a customer is valuable and limited, so don't waste it explaining how a control panel works when you could be talking about what you're trying to sell.

At AudioStak, we believe the best way to show and sell is with a push button that lights up next to each product. It's the most clear and simple to use which is why it's the most effective. It invites customer interaction with no need for instruction or explanation. If you prefer to guide the sales process by pushing the buttons yourself, it makes it immediately obvious what they're listening to which often isn't the case with a central control panel.

Customer Engagement

A large cluster of rocker switches can look impressive to those of us who know how much time and effort it took to wire it up. Through a customers eyes it can look confusing, intimidating or even unprofessional. Some displays even have a 'do not touch' sign which is definitely NOT the way to encourage customer engagement with your products!

Anything that needs explaining to use creates a barrier between the customer and product. Better displays invite and encourage customers to try things out with a push button next to each speaker, head unit or amplifier. It's easy and intuitive to use so customers feel like they're interacting directly with your products instead of your with your display. This direct engagement is what leads to increased sales which is the display's primary purpose.

First Impressions Matter

Customers aren't just evaluating the products in your display. They're also evaluating you and your store. It might be their first opportunity to experience using a product from YOU, and this experience will help shape their opinion and expectations. If your display is clunky or confusing you might be convincing them to buy something, just not from you.

Customers shouldn't have to guess which head unit to use to turn the volume up. They should be able to see at a glance which speaker is playing. Even worse is when someone comes all the way to your store only to find out they can't listen to what you're trying to sell. It's a wasted opportunity that can cost you a sale.

You might have the right products, but it's just as important to show them the right way.

The Right Way

A good switching system will have the following three features:

1) A push button next to each device that lights up when selected

2) When a new selection is made, previous selections automatically turn off

3) After a selection is made, pressing the same button a second time turns it off

Ultimately, you make sales through relationships formed with your customers, but an interactive display with a good switching system is a powerful sales tool to help you make more money. Whether you're buying or building your display, make sure it works as good as it looks by getting the best possible switching.

It's a smart investment that will pay dividends for years to come.